Explosion-proof vertical asynchronous three-phase AC electric motors ВАСО5К with squirrel-cage rotor are rated for continuous operating mode S1 as direct drive of the fans in air-cooling devices.


Explosion-proof version: 1ExdIIBT4

Climatic construction: У1; ХЛ1.

Constructive mounting arrangement: M 9633

Protection degree: the case and terminal box – IP54.

Cooling method: ICA0141 – blown with self-ventilation.

Motor run is direct, it is realized both at rated voltage, and at mains voltage reduction during the start up to 0,8 Unom.

The motors have frictionless bearings. Lubrication of the bearings is consistent.
Motors are made with one projecting conic shaft end in accordance with GOST 12081.

Winding insulation materials of the stator belong to heat-resistance class “F”.

The terminal box has three power clamps and grounding clamps, it enables inlet of the armoured cable with copper or aluminum veins. The terminal box enables turning around 900 and 1800. Following information is stipulated in the order: – «terminal box downwards», «upwards», «leftwards», «rightwards», if you see on the motor installed on feet (outlet shaft end facing upwards) from the side of the terminal box.
The motors enable right and left senses of rotation.

At a customer’s request the electric motors can be manufactured for other power, voltage, current frequency, with other climatic version, and also with other mounting dimensions in accordance with demands of the contract.

The motor designation is decoded as follows:
В – explosion-proof
А – asynchronous
С- special
О – blown
5 – series number
К – manufactured in Novaya Kahovka
37, 55, 75, 90 – Power, kW
24, 32 – Number of poles
У, ХЛ – Climatic construction by GOST 15150
1 – Installation category by GOST 15150

Technical data:

Type of the motor Power, kW Voltage, V Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos φ
ВАСО5К-37-24 37 380 250 90,0 0,70
ВАСО5К-55-24 55 91,0 0,70
ВАСО5К-75-24 75 92,0 0,70
ВАСО5К-90-24 90 92,1 0,71
ВАСО5К-30-32 30 187,5 89,4 0,70
ВАСО5К-75-32 75 91,0 0,71