Asynchronous vertical electric motors of ВАНЗ-5 type with squirrel-cage rotor are designed to drive vertical hydraulic pumps for national economy needs, electric motors of ВАНЗ-5A type – to driven vertical hydraulic pumps delivered for NPP.


These electric motors meet IEC standards.

The motors are rated for continuous operating mode S1 from AC network, 50 Hz, 6000 V.

The motors are manufactured with frictionless bearings with one shaft end. Bearing lubrication is liquid in oil reservoirs.

Winding insulation of the motor is thermosetting «Monolith-2», it belongs to heat-resistance class “F” by GOST 8865-93, and with temperature usage as class “В”. Temperature excess for motor parts meets GOST 183-74.

The stator winding has six terminals, which go to one terminal box. Phase connection is “star”.  Winding ends are connected in “zero” on one insulator inside the terminal box.

Protection degree of the motor – IP 54, terminal box – IP55.

Constructive mounting arrangement – IM8425 by GOST 2479-79.

During operation motors take weight loads from rotating pump parts and water reaction.
Motors are made with right sense of rotation, if you see from side of the working shaft end.

Motor is cooled by self-ventilation. Motor cooling method: ICW37A71 by GOST 20459.

Climatic construction and allocation category – УХЛ4. The electric motors can be manufactured in tropical version ТВ3.

The motor designation is decoded as follows:


В – vertical
А – asynchronous
Н – to drive the pump
З – protected
5 – series number
А – for operation at NPP

ХХХХ – Rated power, kW
10 – Number of poles
ХХХ – Climatic construction
Х – Allocation category

Technical data:

Type of the motor Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos j Weight, kg Type of the pump
ВАНЗ-5-1000-10 1000 592 95 0,82 11800 VА 5500-50А
ВАНЗ-5-1250-10 1250 592 95 0,82 12500 VА 4500-50А


Motor type Power,


Rotational speed, (synch.), rpm Eff., % cos j Weight, kg
ВАНЗ-5А-1250-12У3 1250 495 95,7 0,84 8500