Generator СГСБ-14-100-6У2 in structure of electrical units designed to operate with the aviation gas-turbine engine to generate AC 50 Hz grids, with voltage 6300 V and 10500 V.


Operating mode of the generator – continuous S1.

Climatic version – У2.
Degree of protection – IP11.

The generators are made on plain bearings with ring lubrication. The flexible coupling is used to connect generator with the drive.

Generators are cooled in self-ventilation, with up and down air-out.

Excitation is brushless, from the exciter through rotating diode rectifier with pilot exciter on permanent magnets.

Limiting safe load of the generator at соs φ not below 0,8 depending on temperature of cooling air makes:

C0 40 20 0 -20 not below
Power kVA/kW  3188/2550  3375/2700  3563/2850  3750/3000
Completeness of delivery:

1. Generator СГСБ-14-100-6У2 with the exciter and pilot exciter
2. Excitation control cabinet ШУВГм, if delivery is stipulated in the order

Technical data of the generators:

Type of the generator Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % Weight, kg
СГСБ-14-100-6У2 2500 1000 96,3 9500