Hydro-generators with static field systems are used for power production at generator operation with hydraulic turbine drive. Hydro-generators are manufactured on rolling or plain bearings, with open cycle self-ventilation.

Protection degree – IP21.

Static field device is powered by additional winding placed in stator slots.

The motor designation is decoded as follows: (В)ГС-XXX-X-ХХХ УХЛ4:

synchronous hydro-generator (vertical);

power, kW;

voltage, kV;

rotational speed, rpm

Technical data of the hydro-generators:

Type of the hydro-generator Power, kW Voltage, kV Rotational speed, rpm Version
ВГС-300-40-0,4 УХЛ4 300 0,4 150 vertical
ВГС-450-32-0,4 УХЛ4 450 0,4 187,5 vertical
СГГ-600-10Н1УХЛ4 600 0,4 600 horizontal