Synchronous inductor generator СГИ-350-0,69-16OM1 is designed to convert mechanical energy of turbines in the wind turbo-generator electric plant TG-1000 into AC three-phase electric power with frequency 50 Hz


Rated operating mode of the generator  – continuous S1 by GOST 183.

Climatic construction of the generators – ОМ1.

Protection degree of the generators – IP 54 by GOST 17494-87.

Way of cooling – air cooling, by relative airflow. Relative airflow rate – 40 m/sec.

Connection of generator phases – “star” with brought-out neutral line.

Insulation of generator windings has class F by GOST 8865-93.

Sense of rotation – left, if you see on the generator from side, where it’s coupled with the driving motor.

Basic technical characteristics of the generators:

Type of the generator Rated power at соsφ=0,95 (at lagging current), kW Voltage, V Rotational speed, rpm
 СГИ-350-0,69-16OM1  350  690  375