Synchronous vertical AC three-phase electric motor СДВ2К-215/41-10УХЛ4 is designed to drive vertical hydraulic pumps 800В-2,5/100.


Climatic construction: УХЛ4 by GOST 15150.

Degree of protection – IP43/IP00

Rated operating mode of the motor – continuous S1 by GOST R 52776.

Climatic version of the motor -УХЛL, installation category – 4 by GOST 15150 and GOST 15543.1.

Environment is not inflammable, not explosive; it is free from aggressive gases and vapours, which destroy metal and insulation.

Stator winding insulation is thermosetting «Monolith-2», it belongs to heat-resistance class “F” by GOST 8865, and with temperature usage as class “В”. Insulation of rotor winding belongs to heat-resistance class “F” by GOST 886.
Stator winding has six terminals. Phase are connected in «star».
The static thyristor exciter ТЕП -400/115 excites the motor.
Motor start is asynchronous, direct, at full network voltage with rotor winding closed on resistors’ unit. The resistors’ unit has built-in exciter.

Protection degree of the motor meets IP23, of the terminal box – IP11, of contact rings – IP11 by GOST 17494.

Construction version of the motor by mounting way – IM8425 by GOST 2479. Construction of the motor is vertical, suspended, with flange shaft end, with two guide bearings and one end thrust bearing, which are rated to accept loading of weight of rotating pump parts and of water body reaction.
The motor shaft is coupled with the pump shaft rigidly.

The motor is manufactured with right sense of rotation, if you see form working shaft end side. At a customer’s request the motor is made with mounting bars.

Cooling way of the motor ICА01 GOST 20459

Motor designation is decoded as follows:
С – synchronous
Д – motor
В- vertical
2 – the 2nd series
К- made in Novaya Kakhovka

215 – Outer diameter of the stator core in cm
41 – Length of the stator core in cm
10 – Number of poles
УХЛ4 – Climatic version
4 – Installation category

Technical data:

Motor type Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos j Weight, kg
СДВ2К-215/41-10УХЛ4 3150 600 95,4 0,90 21700