Synchronous electric motors СДСЗ-2 are used to drive disk mills without adjustment of rotational speed, and they are rated for operation in continuous mode S1 from AC network, with voltage 6000 V, 50 Hz, cos φ = 0.9


Climatic version: УХЛ4 by GOST 15150.

Degree of protection for motors – IP43; for the motor СДСЗ-2-17-49-12 – IP54/55/23.

Constructive mounting arrangement – М7611 by GOST 2479-79. The motors are manufactured on plain thrust bearings, and by customer’s request motors can be provided with magnetic fluid seals (МЖГ) to improve sealing of the bearing.

The thyristor exciters with control and self- regulating system of exciting current energize the motors.

Cooling way – ICW37 А81 by GOST 20459-87 – aerial, in self-ventilation by closed cycle.

Technical data:

Motor type Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
l14 b30
СДСЗ-2-16-56-10УХЛ4 1000 600 95.1 8700 1440+3 1730
СДСЗ-2-16-59-6 УХЛ4 1600 1000 96.2 8700 1510+3
СДСЗ-2-17-49-12 УХЛ4 1250 500 95.5 11 500 2425