Synchronous electric motors of СДK(З) 4 type are used to drive piston compressors and rated for operation in continuous mode S1 from AC network, 50 Hz, with voltage 6000 V or 10000 V, cos φ = 0.9.


Climatic version – УХЛ4 by GOST 15150.

Degree of protection for motors СДK4 is IP11, motors СДKЗ 4 – IP44.

Construction version – IM 5710 (console), motors СДК(З)4-17-39-12Ф, СДК(З)4-19-41-16Ф, СДК(З)4-19-38-16Ф – IM 7125 – IM 7125 (flange).

At a customer’s request the motors can be provided with magnetic fluid seals (МЖГ) to improve sealing of the bearing.

The thyristor exciters with self- regulating system for exciting current energize the motors.
Motor start is asynchronous, direct, at full network voltage with discharging resistance going into the circuit of field winding.

Motors enable two cold starts successively or one hot start. Interval between subsequent starts is not less than two hours.

Insulation of stator winding belongs to heat-resistance class not lower than “F” by GOST 8865.
Stator winding is connected in “star” and has six terminals brought in the terminal box.
The thyristor exciters energize the motors.

Technical data:

Type of the motor Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., %
СДК 4-16-24КУХЛ4 400 600 93,9
СДКЗ 4-16-24КУХЛ4
СДК 4-16-44КУХЛ4 800 96,0
СДКЗ 4-16-44-10УХЛ4
СДК 4-16-24-12КУХЛ4 315 500 92,3
СДКЗ 4-16-24-12КУХЛ4
СДК 4-17-26-12КУХЛ4 630 94,5
СДКЗ 4-17-26-12КУХЛ4
СДК 4-17-26-16КУХЛ4 500 375 93,5
СДКЗ 4-17-26-16КУХЛ4
СДК 4-18-26-16КУХЛ4 800 93,4
СДКЗ 4-18-26-16КУХЛ4
СДК 4-18-34-16КУХЛ4 1000 94,2
СДКЗ 4-18-34-16КУХЛ4
СДК 4-18-41-16ФУХЛ4 1250 94,4
СДКЗ 4-18-41-16ФУХЛ4
СДК 4-19-39-16ФУХЛ4 1600 95,4
СДКЗ 4-19-39-16ФУХЛ4
СДК 4-19-41-16ФУХЛ4 2000 95,8
СДКЗ 4-19-41-16ФУХЛ4