Designed for use for the manipulator head of the blooming mill. The motors have closed cycle induced ventilation employing air coolers.


Rated power – 800 kW.
Rated voltage – 750 V.
Rated current – 1240 A.
Rotation frequency – 40 rpm.
Efficiency – 84%.

The motors can be used for less rated voltage with corresponding decrease of power and rotation frequency.

Dynamic inertia moment of the armature – 5150 kgm².

The motor mass (plate and anchor fittings) – 46000 kg.

Rated excitation voltage – 220 V. For power transfer to rated voltage 110 V the motor has an outlet for four finishes of field winding.

Permissible overloadings in fractions of rated current:
– operation with duration not more than 15 s at rated rotation frequency – 3,0;
– not frequently repeated with duration not more than 10s at rotation frequency close to zero – 3,2;
– breaking – 3,5.

Root-mean-square current (while technology cycle) not more than rated current of the motor.
Stable operation of the motor at frequency rotation close to zero is provided by the control diagram.
Class of thermal endurance of insulation – F.

Windings insulation of the armature circuit relative the frame of the motor is designed for working voltage – 1500 V, field winding – 1000 V.