Asynchronous three-phase explosion-proof motors with squirrel-cage rotor are intended for national economy and for export to the countries with temperate climate. They are intended for drives completing of vertical pumps when used for pumping over of the oil products in explosively dangerous premises of all classes and in the outside installations.


Design version of the motors – IM3011.

Method of cooling – ICA01.

Climatic version – “У”, location category 2

Degree of protection of the main shell – IP54, of the outside fan unit – IP20.

Stator winding insulation is of class “F”.
Ambient temperature range is from – 40°C to + 40°C, upper value of relative humidity is 100% at + 25°C.

The motors are explosion-proof with an impenetrable shell.

Explanation of designations of the motor МА-37-52/4ВПУ2:

MA – asynchronous machine
37 – designation of the series
5 -designation of dimension
2 – designation of stator core length, cm
4- number of poles
В – shaft
П – hollow
У – climatic version
2 – location category

Technical data:

Motor type Rated data Eff.,% Мstart


Weight, kg
Power, kW Voltage, V Synchronous rotation speed, rpm
МА37-52/4ВПУ2 160 380/660 1500 92,9 2.5 1640