Electric motors are used to drive mechanisms without adjustment of the rotational speed (pumps, blowers, etc.) and rated for operation in continuous mode S1 from AC network, 6000 V and 10000 V, 50 Hz, Cos φ=0,9  (leading).


Climatic construction: УХЛ4 by GOST 15150.

Degree of protection – IP43/IP00

The motors are produced with plain bearings with ring or combined lubrication; with one or two shaft ends, on feet.
At a customer’s request the motors can be provided with magnetic fluid seals (МЖГ) to improve sealing of the bearing.

Motors ДСП, ДСПУ have stator terminals brought in a base hole.

Motors СДПН, СДПНУ, СДПНК have stator terminals brought in two terminal boxes. At a customer’s request they can be brought in one terminal box or downwards in a base hole.

The thyristor exciters with control and self-regulating system for exciting current energize the motors.
At a customer’s request the motors can be manufactured for other power, voltage and network frequency on the basis of above-mentioned machines.

Technical data:

Motor type Power, kW Voltage, V Rotational speed, rpm Eff., %
ДСП 140-74-4УХЛ4 2000 6 000 1500 95,6
СДПН 15-74-4УХЛ4
ДСП 140-74-4УХЛ4 3150 96,0
СДПН 15-74-4УХЛ4
ДСПУ 140-84-4УХЛ4 2500 95,9
СДПНК 15-84-4УХЛ4
ДСП 143-84-4УХЛ4 10 000 96,0
СДПН 15-84-4УХЛ4
СДПН 15-64-8У3 2000 750 96,4
ДСП 173/64-8УХЛ4