Asynchronous three-phase motor of АКС type with phase rotor is designed to drive mechanisms with heavy starting conditions and other mechanisms with adjustment of rotational speed (hoisting towers, band conveyers, mills and so forth).



Operational mode of the motors is continuous S1.

Protection degree of the motor – IP54, fan casing – IP20.

Cooling way – ІС0151 by GOST 20459-87 – aerial  with self-ventilation and with built-in cooler (distributing).

Constructive mounting arrangement of the motors – IМ1001 by GOST 2479-79, with two end shields, on feet, horizontal shaft with cylindrical shaft end.

Climatic construction and allocation category – У2 by GOST 15150-69.

The motors are manufactured with frictionless bearings with consistent grease.
The motors are made with right sense of rotation and enable left sense of rotation. Sense of rotation can be changed only in rest state by switching stator windings.

Insulation of stator winding is thermosetting of “Monolith – 2” type of class «F» of thermal classification.
Stator winding has 6 terminals brought to the terminal box and fixed on four insulators. Rotor winding has 3 outlet ends brought to the bus bars of the brush device. Connection of phases of stator and rotor windings is “star”.

The resistance thermal converters (TС) with nonlinear static characteristic 100П are installed to control temperature of the bearings and stator winding: one TС per one bearing unit, 6 TС for the winding and 3 for the stator core.
Terminal boxes of the stator and TС are placed on the left side, if you see from side of the working shaft end.

The motor designation is decoded as follows:


А – asynchronous electric motors
К – with contact rings
С – special.

ХХХ – Rated power of the motor, kW
ХХХХ – Rated voltage, V
ХХ – Number of stator winding poles
Ф – Phase rotor
Х – Climatic version
Х – Allocation category

Technical data:

Motor type Power, kW Voltage, V Rated rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos φ Мmaxnom Weight, kg
АКС-315-6000-6фУ2 315 6000 1000 93,5 0,88 2,3 4000