Three-phase electric motors with phase rotor are designed to drive hoists of drill units.


Climatic construction – У2 or УХЛ2.

Protection degree – IP23.

These motors are rated for operation from AC network, 50 Hz, 6000 V and 3000 V.
Rated operating mode of the motors is intermittent mode – S5.

The motor is started at full network voltage with starting resistance going through the rotor circuit by means of the control station.

Stator winding has six outlet ends fixed on four isolators in the terminal box. Phase connecting circuit – “star”.
Motors have right and left senses of rotation. Sense of rotation is changed only in rest state.

Technical data:

Type of the motor Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos φ Weight, kg
АКБ-12-39-6У2 315 1000 91.5 0.87 2785
АКБ-13-62-8УХЛ2 560 750 94.2 0.84 4300