Vertical asynchronous electric motors of 4АОВ type with squirrel-cage rotor are used to drive mechanisms with easy starting conditions (pumps and other mechanisms with similar characteristics).


The motors are designed to operate from AC network, 50 Hz, 6000 V.

Rated operating mode of the motors – continuous (S1) by GOST 183-74.

Constructive mounting arrangement – IМ3011.

Degree of protection of the motor- IР44, outlet device – IР55, housing of the outer fan – IР21.

Winding insulation of the stator is thermosetting – “Monolith-2”.

Cooling method is self-ventilation.

Phase connecting circuit – “star”.

The motor designation is decoded as follows:


4 – Serial number of the series
АОВ – Asynchronous blown vertical
ХХХ – Height of rotational axis, mm (frame by classifier “Unified system for design documentation”)
Х – Symbolic notation of the motor length
Х – Number of poles
Х – 
Climatic version
Х – Installation category

Technical data:

Type of the motor Power, kW Rotational speed, rpm Eff., % cos φ Weight, kg
4AOВ-400Y-4У3 500 1500 94.8 0.88 3420